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Researching Management In CCOL: Traditional Libraries

For a directory of all libraries in the US and worldwide, visit:

Find a local library to visit in person,  Just click the logo above! The World's Largest Library Catalog

What is WorldCat?
WorldCat is a massive online catalog that allows you to search the catalogs of libraries around the world giving you access to over 1.5 Billion item records.
By using WorldCat you can find resources request them through Interlibrary Loan via your local public library 
This is particularly helpful when doing research on subjects that may have limited resources.

Tips for using traditional libraries

Check first if the library has a collection in the area you are researching: Besides having large scholarly collections, academic libraries have strong collections in the subjects in which they give degrees. Online databases and the internet probably won’t have everything you need. Libraries have much, much more plus reference librarians to help you search. But every library has a different collection, so you have to choose the most appropriate library just as carefully as you choose the most appropriate store when you go shopping. You wouldn’t look for a mattress at a supermarket, so don’t expect to find management information at an education library.

What does “open to the public” mean? What are borrowing privileges and are they necessary?: During the hours a library is open to the public, you don’t need a special card or arrangement to use the library and ask questions of the librarians. If you want to take books out of the library or be there during non-public hours, you need a borrowing card. Ask about their requirements for borrowing cards. You may qualify for a free or low-priced card depending on where you live or other affiliations. All state college libraries are open to the public. Private colleges will generally not allow you to get borrowing privileges.

Try a local public library: Why? You will be able to borrow books and order through interlibrary loan. Your local library is part of a system of public and some academic libraries. You may be surprised at how quickly the library can get a book for you. Call your local library to learn about your system, such as Metro or Minuteman.

Before going to any traditional library

  • Check the library’s website and web catalog to see if it has what you want.
  • On the website, get the phone number for Information or Circulation, public hours, address, and directions
  • Call the Circulation department about borrowing privileges, which are not always complete on the website
  • Call Information or Circulation first to make sure the library is open to the public on the day and time you want to go! Website information can be wrong on this! The information here  might also have become obsolete. 

For a directory of all libraries in the US and worldwide, visit:

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