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Video Collections Available in Cambridge College Online Library(CCOL): Home

When you conduct a search in our Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS), the search results list will automatically display any Associated Press Videos* related to your search in a video carousel between your second and third search results. Containing footage from 1930 through the present, AP Videos cover a variety of topics studied in schools and colleges. Users can find videos about current events, historical events, famous people — including political leaders, celebrities and athletes — as well as videos related to art, music, literature, science and technology.

find further educational and research videos CCOL patrons have access to the following video database collections:

      In order to view Kanopy's videos fully,  create a Kanopy personal account and log in from the upper right hand side of the tool bar.

Free Video On The Web

PBS Video

PBS video is a Flash based video streaming service that allows you to watch PBS programs that you might have missed or want to watch again. Some programs are still unavailable but improvements are being made to allow for increasing numbers of PBS videos to becomes available online.

Examples of available programs: 

OR, if you prefer:


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