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Citing Your Work: Avoiding Plagiarism

Using Turnitin at Cambridge College

The college usesTurnitin's Originality Check to help students avoid plagiarism by checking your writing for citation mistakes or inappropriate copying.  When you submit your paper, Turnitin compares it to text in its massive database of student work, websites, books, articles, etc.   Read more here.  

Turnitin is integrated into the Assignments tool in all online classrooms.  This means that - if your instructor has enabled Turnitin in your class - you do not have to create a personal Turnitin account or enroll in a course account.  Instead, when you upload your paper to your classroom, it will automatically be sent through Turnitin's repository.  The originality report that it generates will  help you identify (and correct!) possible instances of plagiarism. 

NOTE:  If your instructor is using Turnitin outside of the classroom (i.e. via personal accounts/course enrollment at, you will need to obtain enrollment codes directly from your instructor.  The library will not have this course-specific information.  For instructions in how to access Turnitin visit the TurnitinStudent training page on the MyCC portal.

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