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Videos: Kanopy Streaming Video

Kanooy Streaming Video

Embedding Video

To embed video in myCourses:

  1. Choose video and click on Share/Embed (under the video)
  2. Click on Embed and copy the code
  3. Create a new page in myCourses
  4. Click on the source code icon

  5. Enter the embed code in the text box
  6. Click save

To embed a film in powerpoint, set up a link to the film from the slide. (e.g. let's say I wanted to include Anita in my presentation -- I simply include the link to it ( or I can paste an image into powerpoint and bury the link behind it).

Video Transcripts

To see a transcript of the video you're watching, click the Transcript button underneath the video player. Not all videos include transcripts, but Kanopy is continually adding this feature. They entertain requests for transcripts as well.

Searching Kanopy


  1. Browse subjects
    • Can limit to most popular as well as themed categories
    • Can limit by suppliers, filmmakers, language, or captions
  2. Sort by topic or title
    • Many titles have CC and transcripts
    • Share content by link or social media
    • Embed in LMS or website
    • Create playlists/clips, add films to watchlist, or make comments
  3. Browse by category

Creating Playlists/Clips

Use these instructions to create clips and playlists in the Kanopy streaming video platform.

How does Kanopy work?

Kanopy will provide open accessibility to browse the entire video collection and you are free to watch any video that you discover.  First 3 "plays" are free. The play restriction works based on session, not based on account.
The restrictions work as follows:

  • To constitute a "play", a film must be watched for longer than 30 seconds consecutively (if you don't watch at least 30 seconds of sequential footage - no play)
  • A film must be played 4 times in 12 months to trigger a purchase
  • There is a "session" based restriction - you will only log a maximum of 1 play on a film in a single session on the website. A "session" is when someone hits the website on a browser - they have opened a session until they shut the browser down.

This guide was originally created by Michelle Costello